Excerpt ~ Blood Thirst, an Eternal Romance by Dormaine G.

Octavia, a human, appeared into this world with a mysterious past unknown to even her. Victor a cultured man of influential prestige was born a savage vampire. They should have never been but their attraction was so profound neither could deny their love.

“Tell me to stop and I will.” He came to stand in front of her after hearing no more words of resistance cross her lips.

In a split second, he wished he could sire her and take her for his own. He wanted to tell her everything. This world, his world, about vampires, but he could not.

Victor gripped her face within his palms. “I cannot let you go. I will not,” he exhaled, caressing her lips. “But if you want me to, I will leave you be. Forever…”

“This is madness…” Octavia gazed up at him speechless. She tried to resist him, but the words of refute would not flow.

“And I cannot breathe when you are not near. I cannot think when you are not by my side. The last few days have been murderous knowing that I could not have you” He kissed her, not allowing her to refuse him.

He would never let her go.


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As he made his way towards the woods, Victor remembered that feeling of freedom. The night had always been his, to do what he wanted. Throughout the years, he’d missed being pure animal, but he had mostly missed the pursuit of a victim.

The chase—hearing the hurried pounding of staggering feet when a prey learns, at that very second, that vampires do exist. At that moment, nothing mattered but the sound of that beating heart as he’d zoned in on what would inevitably be a kill.

He’d let them run in the belief that they’d escaped this living nightmare, but it was a false hope Victor bestowed upon them. Cruel as it was, it was most exhilarating to listen to them scamper from afar.

Once captured, the rush soared through Victor’s icy veins when he saw the horrid fear in his captive’s eyes. Their pupils dilated. Their lips quivered. Their raspy breaths escaped. Some managed to scream, others choked on the lavish feast they had ingested. The more they feared, the more adrenaline filled their bodies, making the kill so much more exquisite. At the moment right before death, Victor always found it to be breathtakingly beautiful. Victor always had a way of picking the best hunts. His were always the ghastliest. The bloodiest. Young women were always his favorite to stalk and torture.

There was never a time when he didn’t have a different woman in his bed several nights a week. There were many women, and they were all at his disposal.

But the parties halted one treacherous night, so very long ago.


About the Author

Dormaine was born in Long Island, New York where she lived most of her life. As an adult she liked to travel out of the country though her favorite places to explore were her fantasy worlds as an author. She may be a nurse by profession but her heart has always belonged to writing. As a young child she spent many Saturdays in the library nurturing her love for books. There she discovered her fascination for the science fiction genre, through books, movies and graphic novels.

Now she resides in Colorado with her husband and two feisty dogs. After many years of working in hospitals and travel nursing she took time off to pursue a career in writing. Her first novel “Connor” is in one of her favorite genres, young adult urban fantasy. Her second love is for horror of which she created the “Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess” series. This is just the start of her exploration as she stays locked up her office in Colorado spinning more tales.

Blog: http://dormainegblog.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorDormaineg/?ref=hl
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/dormaineg
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Excerpt and Giveaway: Don’t Forget the Parsley by Marie Claire Lim Moore


 Don’t Forget the Parsley ( a sequel to Don’t Forget The Soap)

Launch Feb 15, 2016

Marie Claire Lim Moore

Non-fiction memoir
Also available at Fully Booked

Marie Claire Lim Moore builds on her first memoir, Don’t Forget the Soap, offering more entertaining stories about her family in this follow up. Like her first book, Don’t Forget the Parsley is a collection of anecdotes from different points in Claire’s life: stories from her second-generation immigrant childhood in Vancouver and New York City mix with recent expat experiences in Singapore and Hong Kong where she balances multiple roles as wife and mother, corporate executive and author. Her positively Filipino parents continue to have a big influence on her whether it comes to managing family and career, meeting heads of state and world leaders or simply making new friends.

From stray observations (everything is funnier at church) and midnight anxieties (if Jessica Simpson gets to go to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, why shouldn’t I?) to life mantras (don’t let perfection hold you back) and litmus tests (would you serve drinks at my mother’s art show?), Claire’s warm and honest storytelling will resonate with readers and leave them smiling.



“Do what you love” (DWYL) has become the unofficial work mantra for our time. It has been considered the opposite of the monotonous corporate job. Between Steve Jobs, Oprah, and every speaker who delivers a commencement speech, doing what you love is the only way to live.

Most people who DWYL have an integrated life. They don’t consider work to be work because they love what they do. What they do professionally is what they care about personally. Most people who DWYL also tend to have a little extra money. They’re not necessarily multi-millionaires but their lifestyle may be partly subsidized by a trust fund, their spouse may earn enough so they can pursue their passion, or they may know that one day they’ll inherit a $3 million dollar apartment that their parents bought for a fraction of that amount decades ago.

There was a wonderfully provoking piece about DWYL written by Miya Tokumitsu for Slate._ In the article, she submits the “Do what you love” mantra that elites embrace actually devalues work and hurts workers. In doing so, she underlines the idea that DWYL is for the privileged few with wealth, social status, education, and political clout. Tokumitsu writes, “DWYL is a secret handshake of the privileged and a worldview that disguises its elitism as noble self-betterment.”

While DWYL is a lovely idea, it’s just not something most people have the luxury to do. But alas, instead of finding a job you love, you can learn to find meaning and success in the job you have. I want to share a few attitudinal tips that have helped me find my balance and DWYL in spite of (and sometimes even because of) my corporate job.

Live a Life of Purpose

 One of the first things that struck me about Alex was that he was the first person I knew (aside from my very practical parents) who didn’t buy into DWYL. “No, you don’t need to do what you love; you just need to have a purpose,” I remember him arguing over caipirinhas at Posto Seis, one of our favorite restaurants in Sao Paulo.

Alex grew up in a small town in upstate New York. To paint the picture of just how tiny of a town, he often tells the story about how his zip code changed after their postman retired. He and his three siblings could run around acres of land, they recognized every car that passed them by, and they were on a first name basis with everyone at the grocery store. While it was a wonderful place to grow up, he was always looking forward to moving to the city when he got older. He aspired to one day work on Wall Street, build a successful career, and have a big family. No one he knew from back home took this path so he never had one to follow.

When he visited the West Point Military Academy, however, he saw how much it had to offer by way of exposure and access. He made it a personal goal to get accepted to the prestigious academy and he achieved it. Anyone who knows my husband well knows that he would be an unlikely fit at West Point. He never liked being told what to do, he would often challenge authority, and he was not exactly clean cut. But my husband can do anything when he knows it’s for a greater purpose.

Today, Alex is the regional treasurer of Citi’s broker dealer business in Asia. He’s great at his job but I don’t know if he would classify it as doing what he loves. At least for him, equally important as loving your job is loving the impact your job has on others. This can mean the internal clients who benefit from the work his team is doing or it can refer to the family he is able to help support.

My parents have a similar point of view. As new immigrants, they weren’t necessarily doing what they loved but they were doing great work and living a meaningful life. Their jobs supported our family, allowing us to spend time together and providing us with opportunities to give back to the community.

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. My kids have to perform for guests, my husband has to go to church, and I have to wake up in the wee hours. A little sacrifice makes you a better person. Chances are you’ll never love 100 percent of your job. Even when I speak to people who are DWYL they still confess there’s a portion of what they do that they don’t enjoy in the least. Tracie Pang, who runs Singapore’s Pangdemonium Theater, doesn’t like fundraising. I haven’t met her but I’m sure Kristen Stewart hates doing interviews. I don’t love the evening calls associated with my job. Even if you can get to the point where you love 60 percent of what you do and find purpose in the other 40 percent, then you’re golden.


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Marie Claire Lim Moore is a Filipina-Canadian-American working mother and author of Don’t Forget the Soap. After spending the early part of her childhood in Vancouver, Claire moved to New York City and attended the United Nations International School. She went on to study at Yale, climb the corporate ladder at Citi and travel around the world. She met her husband, Alex, while working in Sao Paulo, Brazil and they married in Manila, Philippines shortly before moving to Singapore. Now Mom to Carlos, Isabel, and Sofia, Claire also manages the Global Client business for Citi in Asia.

Claire is regularly ranked among leaders in the Asian-American professional community and her experiences have been written about in The New York Times, USA Today, Smart Parenting, Good Housekeeping and People Asia. She enjoys juggling her thriving career and growing family, fundraising for Filipino community events and promoting work-family balance for women through her talks as well as her writing. Previous speaking engagements have been hosted by Standard Chartered Bank, The Financial Women’s Association of Singapore, and MasterCard Asia.

In 2014, Claire received the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award™ (Global FWN100™) that recognizes Filipina women who are influencing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached status for outstanding work in their respective fields, and who are recognized for their leadership, achievement and contributions to society, female mentorship and legacy. Claire is also featured in women’s empowerment expert Claudia Chan’s Remarkable Women Series along with female role models Arianna Huffington, Tory Burch and Zainab Salbi.

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Excerpt and Giveaway: The Quarter Change by Kiarra M. Taylor

About the Book

TQCeBook (2)Title: The Quarter Change

Author: Kiarra M. Taylor

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The-Quar-ter- Change:

/T͟Hē, ˈkwôrdər, CHānj/


A drastic personality change brought on by a person’s upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and the realization that they have been EXISTING for a quarter of a century but not LIVING.

Kimbella Tyler is done floating through life…

She’s turning twenty-five in a few weeks, and even though she’s in the prime of her life, living by the motto “Keep head down or in a book” hasn’t exactly been fun. Sick of hanging in the background of life, Kimbella embarks on a mission to leave her introverted ways in the past and live by a new motto—“Liquor. Lust. Living.”. The first step in her mission is to change her surroundings. Armed with her “Quarter List” full of fun local attractions and wild, adventurous things that she was always too introverted to do, Kimbella heads to California for two weeks of no holds barred fun.

An unlisted attraction…

Kimbella’s carefully laid plans are interrupted when she meets the crazy sexy Dr. Roman Tanzman and he attaches himself to her at the hip. Rolling with the punches for once in her life, Kimbella takes Roman along as she goes on the adventure of a lifetime—well the adventure of a quarter of a lifetime.

Liquor. Lust. Living Love…?

Kimbella’s new life is one she’s always dreamed about; filled with hot nights with Roman, endless fancy dinners and dancing and no shortage of liquor. But with Kimbella pretending to be a bold, outgoing and sexually forward woman, and Roman pretending to be a carefree guy who isn’t going through the most trying time of his life, their facades have the potential to be their very undoing. Liquor and lust were part of the plan—love certainly wasn’t.


Once we made it home, I grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass, shutting myself inside my room. I stripped down to my black bra and panties and climbed into bed.

Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley was showing on TV, and I quickly lost myself in it, happy I had only missed the first five minutes, I kept my eye on the screen and deftly opened the wine bottle. I looked down at the glass lying on my bed and said to hell with it; and guzzled straight from the bottle.

Within forty-five minutes, I was nearly finished with the bottle and already could feel my face heating, signaling that I was tipsy and would soon be heading over the border into drunk girl territory. The part of the movie where Mr. Darcy refuses to admit his feelings for Elizabeth Bennett came on.

I had seen the movie a thousand times before, and read the book twice as many times, so the tedious evolution of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett’s relationship was not new to me. But for some reason today, Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and carelessness pulled at my temper and I hurled the wine opener at my flat screen TV.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Mr. Darcy?” I slurred angrily. “Can’t you see the girl has feelings for you, you freaking jackhole!”

In my drunken haze, I stared at the TV expectantly, waiting for Mr. Darcy to detour from his lines and answer me. He didn’t.

I flopped back in disgust and stared up at the spinning ceiling as tears made their way down either side of my face. I was too spent to even wipe them away.

Author Bio

FullSizeRender (1)Kiarra M. Taylor is a Pittsburgh native and current resident. She is a mother to a handsome son as well as a beautiful daughter. A lifelong bookworm, Kiarra began writing in the fifth grade and hasn’t stopped since. With so many genres out there she doesn’t limit herself to writing in just one and aims to write across genres. Her interests in books vary as does as her interest in music; she literally likes it all. Some of Kiarra’s favorite authors are; J.K. Rowling, Sylvia Day, Tiffany Snow, Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Mary Monroe and ML Rodriguez.

Aside from reading Kiarra has a passion for all things Criminal Justice and currently holds several higher education degrees including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

When Kiarra isn’t transferring fictional worlds from the dredges of her mind to her laptop, you can find her nose-deep in a book or spending time with her children.

Ever the social butterfly, Kiarra is very active on social media so please feel free to catch up with her on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and Goodreads!








Social Media

Website:  www.authorkiarramtaylor.com






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Excerpt and Giveaway: The Torment of Rachel Ames by Jeff Gunhus

Title: The Torment of Rachel Ames

Author: Jeff Gunhus

Genre: Thriller / Horror

Suffering from writer’s block, novelist Rachel Ames escapes to a lake cabin to calm her mind and regain a sense of herself. The location is perfect. Isolated. Beautiful. Inspiring. It even comes with a good-looking landlord who shows an interest in her. But she can’t shake the sense that something terrible has followed her to the lake, something just beyond her consciousness, something out on the edge where the sounds of a raging fire and sirens linger whenever she slows down to listen. Determined to make the cabin work, she tries to settle in and give her new life a chance. But when strange things begin to happen around her, she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake. As the darkness that’s followed her manifests itself in inexplicable ways, her concept of reality is stretched thin and she realizes nothing at the lake is what it seems. As she fights to survive with her sanity intact, she understands too late that the location she’s chosen for herself is far from perfect.


About the Author:

Jeff Gunhus is the author of thriller and horror novels for adults and the middle grade/YA series, The Jack Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His books for adults have reached the Top 100 on Amazon and have been Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalists and Gold Medal Winners.

After his experience with his son, he is passionate about helping parents reach young reluctant readers and is active in child literacy issues. As a father of five, he leads an active lifestyle in Maryland with his wife Nicole by trying to constantly keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel.


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Author Site: www.Jeffgunhus.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffgunhusauthor

Twitter: @jeffgunhus


Book Excerpt

Rachel Ames knows she’s making a terrible mistake, but that’s never stopped her before. Even as she speeds down the empty highway, she’s certain nothing good will come of this trip. She can’t say why she has this belief, only that it’s deeply rooted, part of a visceral animal instinct clawing away at her insides. Call it intuition. Or call it common sense, doesn’t matter. Can’t change the fact that it’s the truth.

She refuses to change her destination, even if the rising sense of dread causes her heart to beat right out of her chest. She’s committed, this much is a fact, so she pushes aside all thought of turning around and focuses on the road ahead.

She checks the map on her phone, taking comfort in the little blue dot on the screen that symbolizes the exact spot in the world occupied by her aging Honda Accord with faded red paint, bad muffler and squeaking brakes. The dot sails along a straight white line surrounded by an ocean of green. She appreciates the simplicity of the image, the perfection of it. An object moving at a steady rate along a direct path toward a specific destination. No hurdles. No obstacles to navigate. Not even an intersection or a fork in the road. There are only two decisions to make. To continue forward or stop the car and go back.

And there’s no chance in hell she’s going back.

Her two gentlemen passengers are the perfect companions. Silent, good-looking and only there to cater to her whims and needs. They sit together in the seat next to her, sharing the seatbelt. That might have been overdoing it, but strapping them in together makes her laugh, so she forgives herself the indulgence. This is her journey, her time, so acting odd is her prerogative.

Besides, the two of them are the perfect complements. Daniels and Underwood. Booze and typewriter. Soul mates bound by common history and mutual reliance.

The Underwood typewriter was a great find her sophomore year in college, given to her by Professor McNeely’s widow soon after his very public death from a massive aneurism. It’d happened right in the middle of her creative writing class, just as the old bastard was finally saying something nice about her novel-in-progress. Mid-sentence, he’d slapped a hand to his head, made a small grunt and rolled his eyes back in their sockets. At first, she’d thought he was mocking her work, but then his back arched and he collapsed to the floor. After that came the convulsions, followed by the shit and urine filling his pants as her classmates screamed. Then, as the good book says, the lights went out and Elvis left the building.

But unlike Elvis, the man wasn’t much loved. A taskmaster who hated any writer beside himself, he used critiques as an assault rifle to mow down any young soul with the temerity to attempt the art that, in his mind, belonged only to him and a handful of his peers. Sure there were the appropriate candlelight vigils and the church service to honor the brave soul who died fighting the good fight in his ivory tower, but right under the surface, the humor rolled dark and furious.

I heard that the last pages he read really blew his mind.

You know that saying, would it kill you to say something nice?

Rachel guessed it had.


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Excerpt: The Journals of Bob Drifter by M.L.S. Weech

Title: The Journals of Bob Drifter

Author: M.L.S. Weech

Genre: Paranormal Thriller / Urban Fantasy

Bob Drifter is a substitute teacher with a secret. He seems like no more than a polite young man who loves to read and mentor students in his free time. Yet, on the side, Bob takes part in some rather strange extracurricular activities that soon attract the attention of local police. For some reason, people have a way of dying around him.

It’s not his fault. Maybe he just hangs around people who are already dying. Maybe he has bad timing. But Bob knows better. He has a secret mission that must be completed before he ends up in prison or raises the ire of the most frightening individual in the supernatural world. No pressure.

A terrifying new force has set foot into Bob’s life, and a string of ghastly mutilations follows this figure wherever he goes. Now, Bob has to keep his own secrets, protect his students, and fulfill his mentor’s wishes. Welcome to the world of those who watch over the dead.


Author Bio

L. S. Weech was born in August 1979 in Rapid City, South Dakota. He fell in love with fantasy and science fiction at an early age. His love of writing quickly followed when he tried to write a sequel to his favorite movie. He didn’t know what copyright infringement was. He can’t remember a time he wasn’t working on some sort of project from that day on. He wrote for a junior high project. The only way his freshman english teacher could get him to settle down was to let him start writing a book. He completed what he calls his first manuscript when he was 17.

He got a ton of feedback that was honest, helpful, and not much fun to listen to, but instead of quit, he simply wrote another, and then another.

He fell in love with reading in high school when he was introduced to Timothy Zahn and the Star Wars novels. Then he was handed Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Dean Koontz, Brandon Sanderson and so many more. He went from reading to complete homework to reading more than three books a month.

He joined the U.S. Navy as a journalist in 2005. He served on aircraft carriers and destroyers. He served in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.   He finished his time in the Navy in 2015, and currently teaches future Navy Mass Communication Specialists at the Defense Information School.

When he wasn’t taking pictures or writing features or news stories, he was writing fiction. Photojournalism was a hobby he enjoyed getting paid for, but writing fiction has been and remains his true dream.

He’s completed six manuscripts and is already planning a seventh. He took his third project to Archway Publishing, who helped him turn his life-long dream into a reality.








He could be terrifying now. They called him Death, after all, and he wanted to live the part. He could remember reading stories where the characters held that name. Those were foolish fantasies told by men who wanted death to be mysterious. They didn’t get the point. Death loomed over the dying man in all of his horrific glory. He roared in frustration and the dying man wet himself, which made Death smile for a moment, at least.

The smile faded as thoughts of the people who craved mystery returned. Mystery was the root of his frustration. Everything had limits. The pale man had only so much blood that he could allow to escape before he died and could only scream in fear for so long before his vocal cords gave out.

Death understood that it was through the process of discovery that one found these limits and could push beyond. If everything truly had a limit, even Death’s current limitations themselves must be limited. It was only logical.

If he could just push beyond … He roared again, but the dying man wasn’t actually dying anymore. He was rotting. Waiting for that process to begin was just another distraction. It wasn’t a long wait to watch a mortal rot, but any amount of time spent on that delayed his ultimate goal. He didn’t want to be called Death. He wanted to be Death.

Ah, the memory of killing. He missed it. Watching someone rot wasn’t solace. It didn’t make him feel any better. It enraged him, but watching them rot gave him power. He could learn from each rotting bit of flesh and meat. He could take every ounce of that experience and become more powerful. It was a comfort that was quickly losing its value, but with luck, it would tide him over until he could find the answer to killing. Anything worth having was worth waiting for, like the gift he received after watching a dead person rot. Even that had its rewards.

Excerpt and Giveaway: Surrender to Love by Jessica E. Larsen

Power of love, bulong ng isang bahagi ng isip ni Pamela na agad niyang isinantabi. Power-of-love… bullshit! No money, no honey. Iyan ang madalas na nangyayari sa mga nagmamahalan kapag naghihirap. Money makes the world go round!

Simula nang magpakamatay dahil sa pag-ibig ang Aunt Julie niya, “stick to reality” ang naging personal motto ni Pamela, na walang naging ibang ambisyon kundi ang makahanap ng mayamang mapapangasawa. Okay lang sa kanya kung hindi kagwapuhan ang isang lalaki; what’s important is that he has lots of money. Subalit nagbago ang lahat ng iyon nang makilala niya ang French fiancé ng matalik na kaibigan at kinaiinggitan niyang pinsang si Liberty. Agad tumaas ang pangarap niya. Gusto na rin niyang makahanap ng isang mayaman at gwapong lalaki. Pero matutupad kaya iyon kung may isang charismatic na taxi driver na palaging umaaligid at sumisira sa mga plano niya?
 Purchase Links:
Amazon (only paperback)

About the Author:

Jessica E. Larsen is an author of contemporary romance, YA, NA and Paranormal stories. She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart. She enjoys traveling a lot, drawing inspiration from places she visits and interesting people she encounters. She loves to read and write in different genres and spends hours arguing with her characters. At times, she likes playing the villain and gives them a taste of hell when they refused to listen to her demands.

Jessica was born in the Philippines but has lived in Spain and Norway since she was eighteen.


“You know, hindi magandang habit ang pagkagat sa kuko,” puna ni Rio sa dalagang hindi lang kagat ang kuko sa hinlalaki kundi panay rin ang pag-uga ng tuhod.

“Shut up. I’m stressed, okay?” she hissed. “I just want to get home!”

Ngumiti siya sa dalaga. “You’re like a cat, especially when you’re angry.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” singhal nito. Kulang na lang, magkaroon ito ng pangil at para na itong malaking pusa sa paningin niya, na lalong nagpatawa sa kanya.

“Besides, hindi ko naman kinakagat lahat ng kuko ko. Just my thumbs!” patuloy nito sa malakas na tinig. “And I’m doing it without damaging my nails—” Tumingin ito sa kuko ng hinlalaki at kumislot nang bahagya ang itaas na labi. “…much,” anito, at tahimik na humalukipkip at tumingin sa labas ng bintana.

A sulking cat, nangingiting isip ni Rio habang papasok na sila sa loob ng subdivision.

Pagkahintong-pagkahinto ng taxi na minamaneho niya sa harapan ng bahay nito, binuksan agad ni Pamela ang pinto at agad sanang aalis nang maagap niyang mahawakan ang kamay ng dalaga. “Hey, what’s the hurry?”

Tumingin ito sa kamay at pumiglas. Dinampot ang katabing bag at nagmamadaling bumaba ng sasakyan.

Huh? Sobra ang pagkalitong sinundan niya ito ng tingin sa paglalakad paikot ng sasakyan. Malapit na ito sa gate ng bahay nang maisipan niyang hindi pa siya nakapagpapasalamat sa pagsama nito sa kanya nang araw na iyon.

“Wait, Pamela!” tawag niya habang binaba ang bintana ng sasakyan. Nang tumigil ito sa paghakbang, binuksan niya ang pinto at lumabas. “I was thinking of dating you—” Iniling niya ang ulo. “Of thanking you for being my date today.”

“It’s nothing.” Nilingon siya ni Pamela at ngumiti. He didn’t know how, somehow he could tell that it wasn’t her genuine smile.

Magsasalita sanang muli si Rio nang mapansin niyang may tinitingnan ang dalaga. Sinundan niya ang direksyon kung saan ito nakatingin at napangiti nang makita ang isang black-and-brown striped cat. Nakaupo ito sa tabi ng daan na hindi kalayuan sa gate at walang-kurap na nakikipagtitigan kay Pamela.

“Pusa ninyo?”

“No. It’s a stray,” sagot ng dalagang hindi siya nililingon at patuloy na nakikipagtitigan sa pusa.

“You understand that you’re challenging it, right? Kapag ang mga pusa ay nagtitigan nang walang kurap, ibig sabihin kalmutan ang susunod nilang gagawin.”

“I know. Pero sa tuwing magpapakita ito, eh, dahil hihingi lang ng pagkain.”

“And you’re feeding it?”

“Yes.” Hinarap siya ni Pamela na nakakunot ang noo. “But that cat is an ungrateful one. She never thanked me. Not once!”

“But that’s the reason it keeps coming back—because you keep feeding it.”

Walang sagot na umiwas lang ng tingin si Pamela.

Rio smiled inwardly. He found it kind of sweet to know, na sa kabila ng kasungitan na pinakikita nito, pinapakain ni Pamela ang isang pusang gala na madalas balewalain ng karamihan. Naupo siya para kunin ang pansin ng pusa, pero saglit lang siya nitong nilingon at muling ibinalik ang pansin sa nakatayong dalaga.

“We have lots of cats at home, and all of them used to be strays. But now, they laze around like fat housecats,” natatawang sabi niya at lalapit sana sa pusa nang pigilan siya ni Pamela.

“Don’t! Kakalmutin ka niyan. Walang kahit isang tao ang nakagalaw niyan.”

Tumayo siya at tumingin nang tuwid sa mata ng dalaga. “It’s wild now, but I’ll tame her,” makahulugang wika niya at nakangiting muling tumalungko nang makita ang pamumula ni Pamela sa kabila ng pagiging morena.

“Hmph! Ikaw ang bahala. Huwag mo lang sabihing hindi kita binalaan kapag nakalmot ka,” anito na umalis na papasok sa gate. Samantalang ang pusa na susubukin sana niyang dakpin ay ilap na tumakbo palayo.

I’ll get that cat, sabi niya sa sariling nakatingin sa likod ng dalagang walang-lingon na pumasok sa loob ng bahay.


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Book Review and Giveaway: Cherry Lips by Lacey Dearie

About the Book

Title: Cherry Lips

Author: Lacey Dearie

Genre: Chicklit/Fairytale

Cerise is not a witch. She’s an apprentice herbalist whose father is a wannabe warlock and fairy godmother is a madame. But Cerise has a closely guarded secret – the cherry lip-stain she manufactures and sells to the richest and most powerful women in the land is a potent aphrodisiac that makes the wearer irresistible. Of course, with such power comes responsibility, something Cerise did not consider while she was testing each batch of the product on the men of her home town.

Soon, word of the magical make-up reaches the childless Queen Merewald, and she becomes determined to uncover the secrets of the lip-stain herself and use them to seduce her ageing, impotent husband, King Palen. Her best chance is to send her feline brother-in-law, Blaxton, to befriend Cerise and spy on her. What the Queen didn’t count on was her nephew falling for Cerise without the use of magic or her niece using their jester as bait to uncover the secrets before she did.

Cherry Lips is a chick-lit fairytale about a medieval amateur cosmetologist, a nymphomaniac witch, a kinky jester, an unconventionally handsome prince, a wizard with magical healing powers, a castle made of sand and crystals, magical lip-stain that makes the wearer irresistible and cats. Lots and lots of cats.


My rating: ★★★★☆

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Cherry Lips is a delightful fairy tale read about an apprentice herbalist peasant named Cerise.

The main source of her income is the cherry lip-stain she manufactures and sells to rich and powerful women in the land but said lip-stain had a secret: it contains a potent aphrodisiac that makes the wearer irresistible. Her source of income therefore, soon turned to be her source of trouble.

Cherry Lips reminded me of my favorite subgenre in anime and manga called “reverse harem,” where the female main character is in a sort of polygamous or love triangle-type relationships. Here in Cherry Lips, Cerise is surrounded by a lot of love interests mainly due to her lip-stain.

Because this is a fairy tale, I knew Cerise will end up with the Prince, however, I found myself rooting for Fendral, mainly because he was always there for Cerise. Not to mention he didn’t help Cerise again and again because he had a personal agenda. He helped people in need. Period. Truth be told, I also liked Robin, because well, Cerise liked him and I thought she should end up with the guy who she wants the most.

Okay, so I also liked the prince. I loved his down-to-earth personality. However, I found their chemistry lacking. They were cute together, but not cute enough for marriage. Even if Cerise ended up with a prince, as fairy tales are wont to do, I didn’t like the ending much, circumstances notwithstanding. And this is why I removed one star in my rating.

That said, I loved the universe Ms. Lacey Dearie had created and I’m looking forward to reading the next installment with hopes that Cerise’s mother will make an appearance in it. I hope Ascot will have more screen time, too. ❤

P.S. Loved the cats. I kind of have an idea who they are though. Poor, poor cats. 😦


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Author Bio

Lacey Dearie is the creator of the best-selling Leger – Cat Sleuth Mysteries Series about a talking Glaswegian cat detective. She loves observing cats and their idiosyncrasies and has a particular fondness for black cats with amber eyes or pretty calicos. She would own a house full of pets if her allergies allowed it.

She is also the author of chick-lit novel and Amazon UK Top 100 best-seller, The Tangled Web (currently available only on Createspace), chick-lit fairytale Cherry Lips, two nonsensical short stories about amorous foods and the soon to be released Candlelight Lane Mysteries which blend culinary cozies and magical realism.

In her spare time she loves to travel and is a regular visitor to Cyprus – a place that has influenced almost every story she writes as much as her home country, Scotland. She has a personal blog dedicated to lingerie and fragrances, studies perfumery and is a tiny bit obsessed with cute stationery and ska.

Lacey loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted on Twitter as @laceydearie (please be aware of adult content) or on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/laceydearie (family friendly).


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