A Friend in Need

JessicaHey, guys! My friend, author Jessica Larsen, is currently in need of financial help. She was deported from Norway last year and because of this, she and her husband had to move to Spain. As a result, my friends lost their business—their source of livelihood—and now they’re in a financial bind, prompting them to raise funds online.

Jess and Einar along with their kid, Orion, are currently in Sweden so they could be nearer to Norway where Einar’s 97-year-old mom resides. This way, it would be easier for Einar to visit his mom and he could follow up Jess’s papers. Currently they are living with a Filipina and her husband in Sweden in exchange with Einar assisting said Filipina’s husband at work. But they have to come back to Spain this coming September once Jess’s travel paper expires and the thing is that they have no place to live. They lived in their car for a time before this because they are unable to afford rent. In addition to food and a place to stay, they also wish to bring Einar’s mom to Sweden because she has yet to see her nine-month-old grandson. 20170227_151916

Thank you for reading this blog post, guys. Jessica and Einar are good people simply hit by hard times. Jess is a sweet friend, always sending me books and cards. She also sent my sister, Ate Mae, a letter and a card to encourage her to undergo an operation. On top of that, she’s someone who’s always willing to listen to other people’s troubles and help in every way she can. In fact, she’s helped me in so many ways in the past and although she’s not expecting for anything in return, I’d really like to help them in my own way as well.

To help them out and to know more about their story, click here. If you’d rather send your help via PayPal, you may do so here.

Thank you, again. May your help return to you in tenfold.