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Welcome to the Breaker (Exile, Volume 1) Blog Tour and Giveaway! We’re both super excited about this new release and thrilled to be able to share it with you. Throughout this tour, we’re going to be introducing many of the characters within, and associated with, Exile’s bizarre shores, as well as introducing Exile itself. Then we’re going to top that off with a quick little teaser.

However, before we get into any of that we wanted to remind you that we’ve got a couple of awesome giveaways going along with the tour so be sure to read through to the end to find out how you could win either a Silver-plated Starfish Anklet (just by leaving a single comment!), or the grand prize of a signed, print copy of Breaker, a coordinates bracelet with the Believe. Seek. Prove. reminder so you can always find your way back to the island of Exile, and a $20 gift certificate to the Less Than Three Press book market.

The Character Discussion

Kelly Wyre: *checking list of characters* Okay. Who decided we were supposed to try to talk about “the mainland” like it was a *(#)&% character???

AF Henley: Um… you… did?

KW: Well. Then. Awesome. It’ll be the best post yet. Clearly. What is it you want to say about the mainland, Henley? The most incredible, edible, mainland?

AFH: Well, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly incredible. It’s barely credible.

KW: True. But then, that’s what apocalyptic-level disasters will do to you. Takes it out of you. Like soccer.

AFH: I played soccer. It kind of sucked — kind of like travelling across the country on a kinetic motor-scooter-cycle would, especially when the mainland IS such a miserable place. ‘Cuz war, disease, famine, and all that shite.

KW: Couldn’t have said it better, myself.

exile-breaker-coverThe Teaser

The cab slowed. It was one of many moving along the six grid lanes that would take them into the airport, and Eddie eyed the fading afternoon sky through the dirty windshield. The sun always seemed to set so fast in the metro centers, and Chicago was one of the worst when it came to heavily polluted metropolises. At home—in any of the rural developments, really—it was easy to forget that large stacks had once puffed unfathomable quantities of filth into the air, and had damn near poisoned the entire planet. Here, though, on what the books used to call Interstate 90 and what they now called Gridline Ninety, where the damage had lingered and everything from lungs to concrete finishes had suffered, it wasn’t hard to believe in the slightest. The entire city wore the scars of humanity’s abuse.

The airport loomed to the right of the grid lanes like a giant gray beast. Its old fashioned concrete exterior had a faded, dismal appearance. Not worth the trouble to tear down, a large tower still stood in the middle of the property, but it was no longer used for air traffic control. When he’d taken an interest in air travel a few years prior, the ‘Net had cheerfully told him all about the computer programs and grid-style management that the airlines had developed back in pre-Cure days.

Post-Cure advancements were vague. The ‘Net had advised him that most of his questions were of a classified nature. “Security management”—Security breach – search failed, please try again—and “Proprietary development”—Classified information, please try again with a different search—were not discussed.

Gillian had not been the only person on the planet with extra special talents, everyone knew that. And on more than one occasion Eddie had wondered if those “afflicted” people now ran the airlines. Someone with the right power to control heavy machinery. Someone who could save the airlines, which were all government controlled, some serious cash when it came to pilots and equipment maintenance. A human slave who carried the title of “Estranged” and worked under the scrutinizing eye of government officials.

Of course, his mother had told him the idea was ridiculous, that nobody used the Estranged for anything good. Ever. That was why they had to keep Eddie’s little “issue” a secret. No one could know. She’d make sure she kept him safe and out of the sights of the government if it killed her. If for no other than she couldn’t bear the thought of her friends finding out one of those belonged to her.

He heard her speak as though she sat next to him, “Do you want to end up like Gillian?”

Breaker (Exile Volume 1)

Copyright © 2017 by Kelly Wyre and A.F. Henley



In the wake of several near-cataclysmic events, humanity created the Cure, a DNA-altering antidote to death by disease and old age. But all cures come with side effects: a small percentage of the population develops a wide range of powers, some of which are lethal to others, and some which are lethal to the wielder.

These people are called the Estranged, hunted and shunned, safe only on the Island of Exile. It is here that Kaeva and Eddie meet—and where they set a prophecy in motion, quite possibly sealing their own demise, and even the end of Exile.

Genre: Gay, Urban Fantasy

Notes: contains some explicit content and includes thoughts and discussions of past and potential suicide


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A great big thank you to Cinderella Stories for hosting us today, and another to you for joining in on the fun. Best of luck with the giveaway and we hope you enjoyed the post!

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Kelly Wyre and AF Henley ❤


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