Guest Post and Giveaway: We Go Together by Carla de Guzman

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We Go Together
by Carla de Guzman
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release date: January 19, 2015


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Four Bad Writing Habits (And Why They’re Really Good) 

What kind of love would it be if it crumbled to pieces over one accusation_ If it doesn't endure, then what's the point_.png

Writing an outline then throwing it out the window

I always write outlines. I love them, I love plotting them and adding little notes to include my research and lines and ideas that I may get randomly. But then when I actually get to the business of writing the story, part or most of the outline goes out the window—sometimes because it no longer makes sense in the story or it feels redundant. That’s not a bad thing. I think when your writing deviates from your outline it’s more organic and logical to you. But I still refer to the outline to help me see where I wanted things to end. So if my deviation is too far from that, then I can change it in the manuscript.

Listening to music while writing

This is only a bad habit when you’re me, specifically. It’s really helpful until a good song comes on and, and I cannot. help. but. sing. I sing like Beyonce on tour when I’m alone, and it’s a great way to kill my groove and ground my writing to a halt. But listening to the right songs when you’re writing sets the mood sometimes. When I’m writing particularly sad scenes, the appropriate song can help me get into the right mindset.

Researching on the fly

I like a lot of descriptive specifics in my writing, and most of the time I only think of them when I’m actually writing the manuscript. So when I want to write a line like ‘the Sculpture Garden on the National Mall has opened up as an ice skating rink in the winter since it opened in 1999,’ I Google to back that up after I already wrote it. Then I fall into a research rabbit hole. It’s a great way to build worlds and find out more about the places and the things you’re writing about.

Using Facebook while writing

This is the ultimate death for my productivity. When I’m opening and closing different social media sites while writing, it means I’m stuck and I don’t know what to write next. When I notice that happening, I know it’s time for me to step back from my writing a little. I do the same when I paint, I walk away from it, clear my head a bit and come back.



What happened to Beatrice and Benedick? They used to be in love. They used to be together. But something got in the way and its turned them into angry, bitter rivals that can’t get along, much less work together on a project that could change everything for Bea and Claudia’s little paper company.

Bea isn’t going to let Ben ruin her mood. Ben isn’t backing down from Bea’s barbs without a fight. But why is Claudia telling Hiro that Bea is head-over-heels in love with Ben? Why is Hiro convinced that Ben is in love with Bea?

Set in Washington DC, this book is a modern adaptation of WIlliam Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing



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Author, occasional illustrator, full-time traveler.



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