Book Review and Giveaway: Cherry Lips by Lacey Dearie

About the Book

Title: Cherry Lips

Author: Lacey Dearie

Genre: Chicklit/Fairytale

Cerise is not a witch. She’s an apprentice herbalist whose father is a wannabe warlock and fairy godmother is a madame. But Cerise has a closely guarded secret – the cherry lip-stain she manufactures and sells to the richest and most powerful women in the land is a potent aphrodisiac that makes the wearer irresistible. Of course, with such power comes responsibility, something Cerise did not consider while she was testing each batch of the product on the men of her home town.

Soon, word of the magical make-up reaches the childless Queen Merewald, and she becomes determined to uncover the secrets of the lip-stain herself and use them to seduce her ageing, impotent husband, King Palen. Her best chance is to send her feline brother-in-law, Blaxton, to befriend Cerise and spy on her. What the Queen didn’t count on was her nephew falling for Cerise without the use of magic or her niece using their jester as bait to uncover the secrets before she did.

Cherry Lips is a chick-lit fairytale about a medieval amateur cosmetologist, a nymphomaniac witch, a kinky jester, an unconventionally handsome prince, a wizard with magical healing powers, a castle made of sand and crystals, magical lip-stain that makes the wearer irresistible and cats. Lots and lots of cats.


My rating: ★★★★☆

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Cherry Lips is a delightful fairy tale read about an apprentice herbalist peasant named Cerise.

The main source of her income is the cherry lip-stain she manufactures and sells to rich and powerful women in the land but said lip-stain had a secret: it contains a potent aphrodisiac that makes the wearer irresistible. Her source of income therefore, soon turned to be her source of trouble.

Cherry Lips reminded me of my favorite subgenre in anime and manga called “reverse harem,” where the female main character is in a sort of polygamous or love triangle-type relationships. Here in Cherry Lips, Cerise is surrounded by a lot of love interests mainly due to her lip-stain.

Because this is a fairy tale, I knew Cerise will end up with the Prince, however, I found myself rooting for Fendral, mainly because he was always there for Cerise. Not to mention he didn’t help Cerise again and again because he had a personal agenda. He helped people in need. Period. Truth be told, I also liked Robin, because well, Cerise liked him and I thought she should end up with the guy who she wants the most.

Okay, so I also liked the prince. I loved his down-to-earth personality. However, I found their chemistry lacking. They were cute together, but not cute enough for marriage. Even if Cerise ended up with a prince, as fairy tales are wont to do, I didn’t like the ending much, circumstances notwithstanding. And this is why I removed one star in my rating.

That said, I loved the universe Ms. Lacey Dearie had created and I’m looking forward to reading the next installment with hopes that Cerise’s mother will make an appearance in it. I hope Ascot will have more screen time, too. ❤

P.S. Loved the cats. I kind of have an idea who they are though. Poor, poor cats. 😦


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Author Bio

Lacey Dearie is the creator of the best-selling Leger – Cat Sleuth Mysteries Series about a talking Glaswegian cat detective. She loves observing cats and their idiosyncrasies and has a particular fondness for black cats with amber eyes or pretty calicos. She would own a house full of pets if her allergies allowed it.

She is also the author of chick-lit novel and Amazon UK Top 100 best-seller, The Tangled Web (currently available only on Createspace), chick-lit fairytale Cherry Lips, two nonsensical short stories about amorous foods and the soon to be released Candlelight Lane Mysteries which blend culinary cozies and magical realism.

In her spare time she loves to travel and is a regular visitor to Cyprus – a place that has influenced almost every story she writes as much as her home country, Scotland. She has a personal blog dedicated to lingerie and fragrances, studies perfumery and is a tiny bit obsessed with cute stationery and ska.

Lacey loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted on Twitter as @laceydearie (please be aware of adult content) or on her Facebook page (family friendly).


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