On Latin: Entry 1, ten words a day

So, I’m writing my memoirs. Over the years, I’ve been asked to do this and I’ve refused time and again. That is, until one day, I woke up and words were flowing out of my brain I had no option but to write it down.

I’ve been at it since August 2012 or 2013, I think. I can’t remember anymore when exactly. It seemed forever to me.

Three drafts/rewrites later I’m nowhere near to finishing it. Because. It is hard. Writing is hard in the first place and then I just had to dredge up many skeletons in the closet. All those emotions I kept a tight lid on came pouring out. I am drowning and hardly able to keep up. Still. I’ve started this so I better see it to the finish line. Never mind my book sounded bitter and lonely. I think I’ll always feel that way anyway.

To distract me from this overwhelming grief I decided to learn a new language. I figured if I do another thing alongside writing, something harder than writing which, my mind equated with studying, I figured I’d ditch studying in favor of finishing my books. To me, the probability of me learning a new language is lower than me finishing my memoir. *laughs*

Why not Spanish, I thought. My elder brother Joseph speaks Spanish as my niece Bea and my sister-in-law Ate Jen. Our father spoke Spanish.

But then I reasoned to myself it will be easier for me to learn Spanish if I learn Latin first. Besides, my overachiever father knew Latin, too. When I came to live with them when I was in high school, I heard him speak both languages more than English whenever he discussed something academic with me. Not that I understood what he was saying, mind you.

I want to learn a new language because some of my friends know at least one more apart from English and Filipino. My best friend Jihan speaks those on top of our regional language Waray, AND she speaks Chinese, too. My friend Adrian has JLPT   N3 or was it N2 level certificate, speaks a few regional language (maybe Ilokano, Kallahan, and others but I forgot which ones, I can hardly keep track, heh). Adrian also knows Indonesian and Malaysian language. I think. I’ll have to confirm. But I do know my friend Alvin is fluent on both Indonesian and Malaysian, AND in Mandarin and Fukien and who knows what else. He studied Linguistics in China after college and I think the focus was Asian languages. My friend Zarah on the other hand, is fluent in Nihongo (on top of Bicolano, Filipino, English). I haven’t seen her in years but I won’t be surprised if she knows how to speak Chinese now, too. She’s been in Singapore for years with his husband who, for sure, speaks Nihongo as well. I have other friends who knows at least one of these: German, Vietnamese, Korean.

And that is why right now I’m reading Latin for Beginners by Benjamin L. D’ooge. I think it’s awesome. I was prepared to not like it because I dislike studying, unfortunately I did. LOL. I should have done this years ago, but hey, it’s never too late to learn. I hope. When I was eight, I tried learning Spanish because I found a thick textbook in that closet of ours full of books which, I realized later must have belonged to my father. Tried being the operative word. As I said, studying, not my strong suit. I’ve never gotten past qué hora será.

So, here’s to my new attempt at learning a new language. I hope I made it beyond five hundred words this time.

GoodreadsbadgeYou can read or download the book for free here: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18251/18251-h/files/LatinBegin1.html

My goal is to learn ten words a day. I’d aim for more, but I tend to fall asleep while studying. I kid you not.

Here are my ten words for the day:

ā ab abs: from, by (+abl.)

abeō -īre -iī -itum: go away

absum abesse āfuī: be away, absent

ac: and in addition, and also, and; (after comparatives) than; simul ac, as soon as; → atque

accēdō -cēdere -cessī -cessum: approach

accidō -cidere -cidī: fall; happen

accipiō -cipere -cēpī -ceptum: receive

ācer ācris ācre: sharp, piercing

aciēs -ēī f.: edge; line of battle

ad: to, up to, towards (+acc.)

Oh, before this, I also tried learning Nihongo. I have several college buddies who know the language and my ever supportive friend Adrian gifted me with a Japanese dictionary. He also gave me some of his instructional materials from his Nihongo classes during his doctorate in Japan.

I learned over 500 words before giving up. LOL.

If ever I do finish my memoirs (I decided to divide it into three installments) and learned Latin, then I’ll try to study Spanish and then go back to Nihongo.

Three languages, one for each book. Not bad for a goal. If learning new languages proved to be a daunting task, I’d be happy if I at least finish writing my books. 😛

See you tomorrow! I hope you’ll learn Latin with me. ❤



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