Guest Post by AF Henley: Baby’s on Fire All that Glitters Blog Tour and Giveaway

Hello and welcome back to the Baby’s on Fire blog tour and giveaway! For those joining us for the first time, we’ve been looking at some of the rumors, gossip (and in some instances actual documented events) that took place in the glittered and bedazzled seventies music world.

In the previous post we touched on the freedom of speech movement that was being embraced by both punk and glam rocker alike, and how it was (a) being viewed by the public, and (b) being approached by those in the industry. Of course, for all the good and/or forward thinking that can come out of a movement, there will always be those people that take it just a little too far. Make it a little too personal. To quote Alfred Pennyworth: “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”

For some, the ideals behind freedom of speech are simple – they believe they have the right to say anything they want, anytime they want, about anyone they want. But where is the line drawn? What about when that speech is viewed as an attack?

Again, I want to remind everyone that all people, regardless of story or event, are innocent until proven guilty – and even then, in some instances. I will reiterate that while I researched this blog tour, I found that some of the most coveted legends were, according to those in attendance, pure bullshit or complete misrepresentations. Please keep in mind that both media and fans alike, love a good story and they are willing to drum just up anything up until truth becomes legend. It is not my intention to make judgment on, or attempt to make the reader pass judgment on any of these performers. I only ask that you look back on where the movement started (in the early years of the 70s) and see where it went as it grew.

** Please note that none of these posts are indicative of the main characters or the instances in my novel Baby’s on Fire. They do, however, give a very clear indication of what the MCs would have been experiencing both time-wise and with the reactions/mindset of the people around them.

Elvis Costello uses a Racist Slur in Public

BoF AtG BT Post5 CS Elvis CostelloOn March 15, 1979, Elvis Costello and his new wave band, the Attractions, met up with the more traditional rock group, Stephen Stills and his band at the Holiday Inn bar in Columbus, Ohio. Costello had already been drinking, and quickly drew Stills and friends into a bickering match over America and the American music talent for whom, it is rumored, Costello had very little respect for. During the argument, Costello verbally attacked some of the most revered and respected American talent in the industry, including Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. When Stills went back to his room, Stills’ backup singer Bonnie Bramlett (formerly of Delaney & Bonnie) decided to stay, and the squabbling intensified. It was early morning on the following day, with Costello’s blood-alcohol content somewhere in and around the mark of way-too-fucking-high, that Costello referred to James Brown as a “jive-arsed n—–“, and then followed the statement up by saying that Ray Charles was a “nothing but a blind, ignorant n—–.” Bramlett reacted by backhanding Costello, a small brawl ensued, and the bartender on duty did more than earn his keep by breaking everyone up and sending them back to their rooms.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Bramlett, still furious, decided to go to the press with her version of what went down. Within days Costello had been branded a racist and was receiving hundreds of death threats. What had been a steadily rising career was at risk of collapsing completely. In an effort to salvage what they could, a press conference was called and Costello presented his side of the story: he’d been tired, he’d been drunk, he was not racist. His reasoning: “It became necessary for me to outrage these people with the most offensive and obnoxious remarks I could muster to bring the argument to a swift conclusion and rid myself of their presence.”

Apparently, getting up from his chair and leaving didn’t cross his mind.

Although several articles and blogs refer to the press conference as “Costello’s apology”, in my research I was unable to confirm an actual apology being spoken.

When asked his opinion on the events, Ray Charles merely said that, “Drunken talk isn’t meant to be printed in the paper.” A very classy reaction from a man who’d had some very low-class things said about him, in my opinion.

Later, in 2013, Elvis Costello’s hit song Oliver’s Army (released February, 1979) was censored to remove the very same slur that had got Costello into so much hot water back then.

Picture from: Elvis Costello, March 1977 Album cover shoot, the Keith Morris archives

My huge thanks to Cinderella Stories for having me today, and a special thanks to you, my friends, for joining me. 😀

Until next time!

AF Henley ❤


Baby’s on Fire

In 1974 Gerry Faun gets the break of his life—an opportunity to meet gorgeous, openly bisexual, glam-rock idol Mark Devon. Mark’s world is new, exciting, and Gerry finally gets to explore the side of his sexuality that he’s kept hidden. But the press is everywhere, and when Gerry’s father gets wind of what’s going on behind his back, Gerry ends up on the street. Mark offers to let Gerry come along with the tour and Gerry jumps at the chance. The tour is a never-ending party—and the start of what seems to be a perfect relationship for him and Mark. Until Mark’s manager decides Gerry isn’t worth the trouble he’s stirring up.

In 1994 Gerry is finally coming out of some tough times—he has a job that pays the bills, a car that hasn’t quite broken down, and a small rental in Jersey City. After a decade of barely getting by, if life was as good as it was going to get, Gerry figures he’ll manage just fine. It would be easier if he wasn’t still haunted by the man the media won’t let him forget, the man who stole his heart and then broke it… the man that’s shown up pleading for a second chance.

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Henley has been proudly working with LT3 since 2012, and has been writing like mad ever since—an indentured servant to the belief that romance and true love can mend the most broken soul. Even when presented in prose.

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27 thoughts on “Guest Post by AF Henley: Baby’s on Fire All that Glitters Blog Tour and Giveaway

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  2. What a prick! I know the zeitgeist of that time let people think that they can say and do whatever they f*cking want. Guys like Costello obviously never considered that those self-granted rights do not include hurting and insulting others. Unfortunately the music world was full of people like him. Also sadly the toll this ”living a life with no holding back” took where so many lives of so many talented stars.

    Alcohol and drugs should never have been an apology for their actions when stoned. They knew they could not restrain themselves when drunk. And who knows if they were any better when sober.

    Sadly today still there are so-called musicians who even make money with their racist slurs and I am sure that those bastards, too, have their own sick, distorted way to justify it.

    Thank god that Mark Devon is a much more likeable guy! 😀 Well, most of the time. Sometimes. Now and then. Aaaaaargh! I so want to kick his sexy ass! XD If only he would see, really see. Until then he is just driving Gerry – and the reader – mad and nuts! XD

    • Unfortunately with fame comes the belief (in some) that they are above and beyond everyone and everything. It’s a damn shame when negativity is the result. Thank you very much for stopping in and commenting, my friend. ❤

  3. Wow! What a story. I’d rather listen to any of those American musicians mentioned over Elvis Costello anyway. What a class act Ray Charles was, though. That is the silver lining in the story. 🙂

    • I was actually kind of surprised and blown away by Ray Charles’ response when I read that during my research. What a great guy. I’m not sure I could have pulled off the same calm, smooth class that he managed. It really is impressive! 😀

  4. There are some in the world of entertainment who believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity *quirks eyebrow*. Yeah…

    Personally, I think some people in this world are a bit too hypocritical. It’s always easier pointing fingers at someone else’s verbalized racial slur, but how many of the people doing the finger pointing and the gasping actually use racial slurs in their heads we’ll never know.

    Alcohol tends to make people very truthful about who they really are, just without diplomacy or censorship (Oops). End results are usually questionable in success or epic failures. This brings to mind a de-motivator I read in college: “Sometimes, your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.”

    That seems rather fitting to the case of Elvis Costello. ;P

    Thank you so much for the post! ❤

    • You’d think with all the ‘power’ and prestige that comes with fame people would seek to do something better with it. Inciting someone with racial slurs is a cheap trick in my oh-so-humble (XD) opinion. But yes, alcohol can be an evil coworker at the best of times.

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting! 😀

  5. I need to find the essay again, but that’s hard as I don’t remember the name of the philosopher. But, to keep this on track, there was an American Philosopher who said (in the rough barely conscious understanding I can muster) that talking for the sake of talking is in point of fact both an abuse of the right and a waste of it.

    Which is very interesting. The biggest part about a right for most people is that no one is allowed to take it away or forbid its use (though some will) but far more important the only person responsible for that right is the person exercising it. You can’t of course determine how someone will take it, or if someone will get hurt from something you deemed benign but that’s neither here nor there.

    I don’t tend to speak up for many reasons, shyness, lack of confidence, a mountain of evidence demonstrating my stupidity, the list goes on. But, the one that makes me check the words I do say, is the thought that “just because I can doesn’t mean I should.”

    I will never apologize for someone else’s response to my words. But if I find the words and my intent to be in error I will apologize for those. Just hope I’m wise enough to be able to spot the need, both before I say anything and after I say it anyway.

    Can’t speak for Mr. Costello.

    I would get off my soap box, but I nailed my shoes to it for easier travel. xD

  6. I was always lead to believe that alcohol makes one lose their inhibitions so that censorship of their words goes out the window. It was obviously true if Costello continued with trying to use offensive words in hi recording. Thank you what a great post! I am totally enjoying this tour!

    • I’m really glad you’re enjoying Ree Dee! I’m having a great time reading your comments and seeing people’s reactions. 😀

      Thank you very much for joining in! ❤

  7. I’m learning so much on the blog tour. Thank you so much for sharing these tidbit of information with us.

    I’ve always thought that the things that come out of our mouths are half truths. Even if he was drunk and tired, those were his thoughts and he had to believe that there were some kernel of truth in it.

    • That is definitely the consider-factor for me as well. A person can always say ‘they didn’t mean it’ or that ‘they were just saying it to incite’ someone else, but you wonder why they picked those particular words if it wasn’t already there in their head to fall back on.

      Thank you so much for your comment and feedback! I truly appreciate it. 😀

  8. It’s a bad one for sure. Costello had done shows for Rock Against Racism before that all happened, and swore that he felt Stills was baiting him and he [Costello] was trying to be outrageous. It doesn’t excuse it at all, though. (Many people consider the GET HAPPY!!! album, which has all the soul covers on it, his effort at a mea culpa.)

    • In the interviews I read of him about this very thing, that was exactly the reasoning he gave behind what he did, time and time again. Why he thought that would be enough for his fans to forgive him is anybody’s guess. That being said, it’s not the first time (and definitely won’t be the last) that somebody’s inebriated tongue got them into trouble. Including my own. XD

    • Yes, I agree so hard! There were so many things Ray could have railed up against but he came out looking like the one of the few sane ones in this whole incident. 😀

      Thank you so much for commenting! Good luck with the giveaway. ❤

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