Book Review: The Testimonies by Reev Robledo

What if we discovered the personal diaries of the Bible’s most well-loved, women of the faith?

Each story, told in the first-person perspective, shows how one who has extraordinary beauty is faced with ordinary challenges that even modern women face:

Childlessness (Sarah), manipulation (Rebekah), being a second wife (Rachel), genocide (Esther), submission (Abigail), rape (Tamar) and family issues (Daughters of Job).

At the end of each chapter is a study guide for personal devotion or group studies.

My Rating: ★★★★★

My Review:

I really loved this book. I just didn’t think I’d love the songs more. Lol. It was such a pleasant surprise.

I’m already familiar with the stories but it was good, rereading them. Right after reading the book, I checked its blog because I was curious how the songs are like. After all, we can only read the lyrics in the book.

For those who want to listen to some of the songs, click here:


About the Author

Reev Robledo is a television music composer, teacher and writer with a degree in broadcast communication. His career as an instructor spans ten years in the state university and other colleges.

Reev is the author of The Testimonies, An Assassin’s Tale, children’s book The Legend of The Cram, and 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice for Fiction in English Gitarista.

Watch out for his next novel Pianista, a psychological thriller.


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