Mga Agos sa Disyerto

Mga Agos sa DisyertoMga Agos sa Disyerto by Efren R. Abueg, Dominador B. Mirasol, Rogelio L. Ordoñez, Edgardo M. Reyes, Rogelio R. Sikat

Rating: ★★★★☆

Some of the stories in here, I’ve already read when I was only four years old–while some of them I’ve read when I was in high school. I particularly remember reading Efren Abueg’s Mabangis na Lungsod at four and it hit me hard. It was the realization that life out there can be cruel especially to orphans like me.

I also loved Rogelio L. Ordoñez’s Si Anto, Edgardo M. Reyes’ Di Maabot ng Kawalang Malay, Lugmok na ang Nayon, Emmanuel, and Ang Gilingang Bato. There was also Rogelio R. Sikat’s work that I really love: Tata Selo.

The stories in this collection were instrumental to my love affair with reading. These works were also what made me love Filipino works.

So to Agos boys, thank you! I could never thank you enough for making me love reading. Here’s to the book’s [almost] 50 years of existence! Cheers!

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