Book Review: The Ticking Heart by Sylvia A. Winters

The Ticking HeartThe Ticking Heart by Sylvia A. Winters

My Rating: ★★★★★
Publisher: Less than Three Press
Main Characters: Vincent and Samuel

When the people you love pass on before you do, what will you do with that love? With your life and with yourself, for that matter?

Would you really know?

Endless nights full of tears and longing for the might-have-been are futile. Tears cannot bring back the dead; neither do your fervent longings and your wishes for them to come back.

Such is the pain of Vincent Gabriel, an inventor who spent a decade of his life inventing a clockwork-humanoid prototype in the likeness of his deceased lover, Edgar, to no avail.

I loved this story for what it tells us. That yes, life is short, unkind even. But such is life. We lose people who are dear to us but new ones will come into our lives, and while they can never replace the ones we lost, they can help us deal with the pain that comes with it. For Vincent, that man was Samuel.

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About the Book

Vincent Gabriel is an inventor; his newest invention a clockwork-humanoid prototype he has spent the greater part of a decade designing and creating, the long working hours filling a void within himself. His assistant, Samuel, however, is less than pleased with the new invention.

As Vincent’s creation falls apart, so too does the delicate relationship between the two men. Their differences threaten to overcome them, their actions pushing them so far apart that neither knows where they stand.


About  Sylvia A. Winters

I grew up in the south west of England, on a diet of fantasy and horror, stories of other worlds and hidden things.

I’ve enjoyed making up my own stories from an early age, first with pictures, before realising my drawing skills sucked, then a few feeble attempts at prose. Back then I thought I’d never have the staying power or the ability to write a whole story from beginning to end, but I guess I was wrong.

Now I write romance fiction, usually m/m, but with the occasional f/f pairings.

I love writing, although I’m still incredibly lazy and it’s often a battle to make myself sit at my desk and work. That said, I do hope to be writing and publishing more stories soon.

You can find her here:



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