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Intoxicated by V. M. Blanc

Deke, Sam and their new relationship will take you on a journey of friendship, love and complications.


Book Excerpt

Intoxicated by V.M. Blanc

Intoxicated by V.M. Blanc

Parties like this could either be fun or frustrating. This one fell under the latter. Women who target men like me for fame and money were plenty in these kinds of situation. That was why I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday with a bunch of people I hardly knew.

I turned around to tell off the woman, to show her I wanted some peace and quiet alone with my friend Nate here. The words stuck in my mouth when I saw it was Sam.

“Hi.” She had this eat shitting grin on her face like she just pulled a prank on me.

“Shit, baby. You’re here!” I embraced her tightly, smelling her sweetness. Her scent flooded my brain, making me want to devour her right here, right now. My skin broke out in goose bumps when she wrapped her arms around my neck, tiptoeing to at least make up the difference between my six foot three height and her five seven. She took shaky breaths as she moved closer, leaving little room between us. I groaned when she licked her lips, desire surging through me.

“Told yah you’re going to be in the mood,” Nate said, interrupting me from the dirty thoughts I had of my girlfriend. He had on this cocky grin, looking so proud and satisfied. Sudden realization hit me. He might have had something to do with Sam being here, and I was about to ask him when he turned to the woman beside him with such speed that surprised me and engaged her in conversation.

“Well, that’s so obvious,” I said to no one in particular.

“What’s obvious, babe?” Sam asked, her hands rubbing my back and making me lose my train of thought.

“Uhmm, Nate’s ignoring me … that’s what.”

“Perhaps he’s just giving us some privacy.”

“Maybe,” I answered, pulling her closer. “I know he’s hiding something from me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I just know.”

She didn’t seem to be aware I didn’t want to talk about Nate anymore. My eyes zoomed in on her mouth, fantasizing on how soft they were.

“I’m not –” she started, but I crushed my mouth against hers. Taking in her taste, savoring her sweetness. It had been three weeks since I last saw her, and it had been difficult without her.

She opened her mouth and my tongue quickly sought hers for a duel. My arms were wrapped tightly around her while my hands were on her ass, gripping and groping.

“I missed you,” I rasped, still a little dizzy from the kiss.

“I know.”

Her mouth tasted divine, driving me crazy. Kissing her ignited all my senses, making me feel on fire. My heart thundered like a million beats per second as I tried to control the lust inside me. My erection strained against my jeans, seeking for some kind of release from the denim prison.

“I missed you too, Deke.” She palmed my cheek with one hand, smiling as she stared at me. It was so easy to lose myself when I was with her – she was intoxicating, and everything about her made my insides go haywire – but I needed to regain some control. Now.


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