Currently Reading: Silver Pearl by M. Raiya

Silver Pearl [Ebook]Standing in a meadow late at night, not really certain why, Joel is shocked when he encounters a unicorn—one that turns into a beautiful young man. Joel aches to be closer to the unicorn, but everyone knows unicorns only approach virgins. After a brutal attack that left him broken and afraid, Joel is no longer that.

Then hunters appear, determined to take down the unicorn, and Joel will have to overcome the horrors of his past in order to save his chance at a future.

About the Author:

M. Raiya lives on a dirt road in northern Vermont with her family, surrounded by woods and streams and old stone walls. These elements soak into her writing in strange ways. Sometimes her writing is just strange on its own. You can find her blog at

You can buy the book here: or in Amazon and Smashwords.


On a related note, I got this book from LT3’s giveaway. They’re giving out different titles everyday for a certain period of time in celebration of their 5th anniversary. 🙂 Anyone who wants to grab a freebie can check out the details here: and here:

Good luck, happy reading, and congratulations and thank you to LT3 for the awesome giveaways! ❤


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