Review | Amazed: A Girl’s Infinite Pursuit to Grasp the Essence of Humanity in Writing

I love all the stories and the essays in this collection, obviously; otherwise I wouldn’t have published it. My personal favorites however are:

for Real-Life Fiction – The Story of Mine
for Snapshots in a Day – Back to Basics
for Love – Fairy Tale
for Life – Alone
for Work – Writing on Writing

But my most favorite of all is “Enough.” This piece made me cry … I was just … reading it and the next thing I know, I was crying and for the life of me, my tears won’t stop falling.

I rarely cry and when I do, it’s because I’m reading something that’s really breaking my heart. As for Enough, well, maybe it’s because I felt the love ~ the love that a daughter had for her father ~ and the love her father had for her. And it is because I understood their love that I understood their loss. The vastness of it.

I had a different upbringing. A love of a mother or a father for their child is something that is incomprehensible for me. At least for the longest time.

Maybe I cried because I understood, then, the kind of love that I lost ~ the kind of love I could have had if things had been different.

Congrats, Jo. Looking forward to reading your next one! ^__^




Life is nothing as it seems.

And yet its simple but profound wonders are the core that makes human existence all worth it.

In this candid collection of essays and short stories, the girl with the infinite pursuit brings to light her insightful, heart-tugging, and seemingly ordinary moments in the chase to unravel the exquisite marvel that is our lives.

Published by: Isshin Dream Publishing
Photo by: EdCel Photography | Maricel and Ed Dijamco
Cover design by: Joanne Crisner V. Alcayaga

Amazed by Joanne Crisner V. Alcayaga

Amazed by Joanne Crisner V. Alcayaga

About the Author

Joanne Crisner Alcayaga is a Journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD). She had previously worked as a writer for a Public Relations firm in Makati but is now working as a Supervisor at Tollways Management Corporation while doing freelance writing in her spare time.

Though she studied Journalism, Joanne is more passionate about creative writing, mainly doing personal essays, poems, and short stories on the essence and beautiful complexities of life.

Joanne Crisner co-authored Brightest, a children’s book about a lost firefly catcher, trying to find his way home; and a broken firefly that had long lost himself. And how friendship and being there for each other had made a difference in their lives.


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