Book Review: She Caught Me by D.R. Lee

My Review:

My Rating: ★★★★★

She Caught Me by D.R. Lee is such a good destresser. Lol. It got me giggling and smiling. A lot!

Melissa sure is a gutsy girl.

This is a very quick read (it’s a novelette of 10,400 words) and a very cute one at that. This is one of those select few stories that I’m sure I will reread in the future.

About the book:

She Caught Me by D.R. Lee (Cover taken from the book's Goodreads account)

She Caught Me by D.R. Lee (Cover taken from the book’s Goodreads account)

Melissa Castillo has had enough of hiding her feelings for her best friend Samuel Torres. They’ve been best friends for far too long, and she has been in love with him ever since forever! It also doesn’t help that Sam is a big tease. He always drops an innuendo or two when they’re together, but doesn’t really act on it.

Now that College graduation is just around the corner, Melissa finally convinced herself to push her inhibitions aside. She hatches a plan to reveal everything she felt for him without actually telling him!

You can check this book here:

About the Author

D.R. Lee is the pen name of a law student hailing from the Philippines. Outside of her academic endeavor, she does writing, painting, and a whole lot of reading. On a perfect day, she talks with the people inside her head and tells their stories through printed words.


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