Book Review: Kids These Days (Stories from Luna East Arts Academy Vol. 1)

luna east vol 1.front.coverKids These Days by Chrissie Peria, Mina V. Esguerra, Jen C. Suguitan, Jayen San Diego, Stella Torres, Richard Cy (artist), Jonnalyn Cabigting (artist), Robert V. Wong (artist) , Ronald S. Lim, Miles Tan, Athena Claire Dueñas, DR Lee, Anne Plaza, M. Protacio-De Guzman, Kristel S. Villar, Alyssa Ashley Lucas, Addie Lynn Co

Cover and book design: Tania Arpa

My rating: ★★★★☆

I think that the underlying concept of Luna East is brilliant. And so are the stories itself in this volume, mind you. I liked how the stories are interrelated even if there are various authors.

I enjoyed reading the collection because it made me remember my own high school days. That first crush, the CAT thingy, the various club activities… etc. Even the booze, LOL. Nope, I didn’t drink even if my classmates did (I only actually went once, and only because it happened right where I was staying LOL); no they didn’t coerce those who didn’t want to drink. It was clean fun (there was parental supervision) and no, no one was making out at some room (and this is why I think that the title of the volume fits and is quite telling), and nope, there were no parties of grand scale such as the ones that Odette and Bianca throw (then again, we were from a public school – it’s nothing like Luna East – not to mention it’s on an island where the lifestyle is downright simple).

My personal favorites in this collection are: “Sitting on a Tree” by Chrissie Peria, “Fifty Two Weeks” by Mina Esguerra, “Yours Is the First Face That I Saw” by Ronald S. Lim, and “Picture Me Naked” by DR Lee. These are the stories that made me feel kilig. I would really love for “Yours Is the First Face That I Saw” to be longer. Seriously. ^__^ Can’t wait to read more of that.

Looking forward to reading more of their adventures on the second volume and congratulations to everyone.

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About the Book:

The stories from LUNA EAST ARTS ACADEMY are about love. And also, friends, food, kissing, rumors, mean people, insecurities, birthdays, breakups, making up. We set it in an arts academy because we wanted everyone to have a talent, and know it. Because no one is ordinary, if you know them well enough.

Who are you, at LUNA EAST? Are you a popular kid, a wallflower, a drama club diva, a debate whiz? Visit to read more stories from #LUNAEAST, and submit your own. For readers 16 and up.

Luna East Website:
Paperback Order Form:

Everyone is invited to the ‪#‎romanceclass‬ anniversary party + ‪#‎LunaEast‬ paperback launch at the AYALA MUSEUM on February 8, Saturday, at 6 PM. You can pre-order the book here: ‎


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