Book Review: In Excess by Quinn Anderson

About In Excess

Forced to transfer to a privileged Catholic school – the Academy of Holy Names – street-smart Nikolas would prefer to be anywhere else in the world. A new face in an old place, he almost immediately draws the attention of the bored, spoiled, and ruthless Seth, the “king” of the Academy.

Though he should know better, Nikolas quickly finds himself caught up in a game of rivalry and seduction, with himself as the prize …


My Review

In Excess by Quinn Anderson

In Excess by Quinn Anderson

In Excess by Quinn Anderson

My Rating: ★★★★★

Publisher: Less than Three Press

What I love about “In Excess” is that it is a feel-good book. It has just the right amount of angst in it but not so much that it would leave me reeling and heavy-hearted for days.

In Excess is an adorable love story between the brash and sexy but “underprivileged” Nikolas “Nik” Steele and the equally sexy, bored, clueless, and overconfident, spoiled brat “king” of the Academy of Holy Names—the one and only Seth Prinsen.

Being new to a school for the privileged made Nik an object of everyone’s scrutiny, most especially since he was a scholar and is therefore considered, “different.”

As in every romance novel that I’ve read, there were predictable moments, but these were outweighed by the tension that the game of seduction brought about. I also liked the role played by Theo and Dante—Seth’s friends. In the end, it got me thinking who was really manipulating who. My only regret is that it ended a bit too soon for my liking and I really wanted to read more. Lol. ^_^

Lastly, let me extend my warmest congratulations to Miss Quinn Anderson for her beautiful and marvelous debut novel, looking forward to reading more of your works. ^_^

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About Quinn Anderson

Quinn Anderson is a University of Florida alumna with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She spent the majority of her college years reading fan fiction instead of textbooks and hanging out with her best friend, Vodka; not much has changed since graduation. Her hobbies include reading, writing, juggling, underwater basket weaving, going commando, big pimping, ne’er-do-welling, and screwing the rules. She describes herself as an incredibly tall, incredibly red-headed, incredibly camp, incredibly loud, incredibly nerdy, incredibly incredible person. A jokester and teller of sometimes-tall tales, Anderson emphasizes witty banter and sordid schemes in both what she writes and what she reads. She will soon earn a Master’s degree from the University of Dublin in Ireland.


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