Another Christmas Card!

I received another Christmas card! It came all the way from Canada this time. It was from one of my favorite fanfiction writers in the Naruto fandom.

Thank you so much, Sarge! 🙂

I get so happy (like a kid – smiling ear-to-ear which is actually so unlike me) every time I receive something from the mail. (Yes, because once upon a time, when there was no Internet yet, I was one of those who would write to friends diligently. And yes, they write back, thank God).  Anyway, I miss receiving mails that way so I get all giddy every time I get one.

This card, however, made me extra happy because my favorite writer was thanking me for my support. I was really teary-eyed when I read that part. I mean, I was the one who should thank her. Her works were the first foreign fandom works I’ve read (the very first one I’ve read was Kasumi Hayashibara – a Filipina – I loved Kasumi’s works so much I explored for more and that was when I stumbled upon Sarge’s works). And Sarge was actually the one who got me hooked to the fandom. LOL.  🙂

Sarge, thank you for writing all those stories. You brighten up my day every time you write.  I hope that you’ll publish your own book soon. ❤

Here’s to another year. Cheers! 🙂



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