Currently Reading: The Hungry Woods by Paul Levas

The Hungry Woods by Paul Levas

The Hungry Woods by Paul Levas

About the Author

Paul Levas was born and grew up in Antioch, IL, but has lived in Phoenix, AZ, for the past twenty years. He is a writer specializing in the horror genre, and cites Stephen King and Dean Koontz as his major influences. He has three short stories published: The Shed, Sweet Temptation, The Blog of Kevin Hickey, and Shadows. He is currently working on a novel due out in 2014.

Follow him here:
Twitter: PaulLevas18

About the Book

Johnny walked home from school on the shoulder of Grass Lake Road every day without a problem for a year, until The Big Kids, the Carbone’s, moved into town and eventually started beating him. But one day, Johnny had an idea to walk home on a different route. Through the woods. Although, when he arrived at the path into the woods something far worse than the big kids had been waiting for him.


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