Excerpt and Giveaway: The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao


“Is there any chance you’d want to stay?”

I gripped the handle of the door. “Stay?” I said softly without turning.

I heard some shuffling of footsteps and then I felt him standing behind me. He playfully poked me on the shoulder to face him, and I did, finally letting go of the handle. TRCQ01

“Stay,” he urged again.

“You have a show later, Marcus. Shouldn’t you be sleeping by now?”

Marcus shrugged. “I couldn’t even if I tried. I’m too…wired.”

I smirked. “Tea is supposed to relax you, not make you jumpy,” I commented, and he wrinkled his nose. “I don’t think it’s the tea.”

Marcus fixed me a stare. “It’s you.”

“Ha,” I said, shaking my head, struggling to hide my smile.

“I’ll get us room service.”

“You’re bribing me with food. After I had a buffet. Are you kidding me?”

He opened his hands in front of him. “I was hoping the company was enough.”

A tiny, very unsure voice in my head said: Be spontaneous?

And despite the louder voice screaming “no,” I relented, sighing and flopping back down on the couch. “Fine.”

From: The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao


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