About 17 days ago, I received an email from Sasha Miller congratulating me for winning a paperback copy of Megan Derr‘s Embrace! ^__^ *Squeals* Lol.  I was so happy I was shouting in my head. 🙂 It was 4AM so I couldn’t really scream out loud. Haha!

Yesterday, I received a notice from the post office asking me to retrieve a package. I would’ve gone to get it except that I had no idea where the post office is. ^__^ Today, my mother-in-law went to get it for me.


I opened it and it contained, TADA:

Embrace by Megan Derr

Embrace by Megan Derr

So happy! I didn’t really know which book to expect because I was waiting for three titles from three different authors: Megan’s Embrace, Dormaine G.’s Connor, and Xi Zuq’s Ngumiti si Andoy.

Anyway, I asked Sasha if Megan could sign my book. So happy that Megan indulged me.


I’m a huge Megan Derr fan. She’s my most favorite writer. I love her works so please forgive me if I’m currently beside myself with joy. LOL! I think I have at least 135 favorite writers in my Goodreads. No, it isn’t a complete list. Apart from the published authors, I also around 100 favorite fanfiction writers. Again, that list is incomplete. When I started reading in the fandom, I didn’t have an account. I only made one so I could keep track of the works of the writers I love. There were so many I couldn’t remember them and in the end, I wasn’t able to add the others.

I couldn’t really say that I’m easy to please (though some of my friends say that I am, heh!). But as long as the book/story moved me, it will become a favorite. I also have a habit of trying to read every work that writer has ever written.

I’ve read and loved thousands and thousands of books and stories in various forms and genres since I was four. I’ve read works by authors of various nationalities it’s so hard to keep track of all of them: Filipino, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, French, Mexican, American, British, Spanish, Korean to name a few, but for me, there’s no one else like Megan. 🙂

I say this with conviction. But I’ll leave it to you to find out why. 🙂

Now, to find the time to read Embrace in peace… haha! (It meant I’ll have to finish a mountain of work first, lol. I’d hate to read this book with so many other things in my mind. I want to enjoy it thoroughly!)

Thank you, Megan! Thank you as well Sasha and Less than Three Press! ❤


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