Book Review: The Shed by Paul Levas

The Shed by Paul Levas

Paul Levas has a way with words. This is a very short story and yet he managed to make me chuckle; left me teary-eyed; and feel sad, regret and sorry; and then shudder in just a span of eleven pages. Not to mention it’s informative, too!

I could feel Steve’s raw emotion and deep regret. He might not be the most perfect husband, but he was a loving father.

This is my first horror story. Now I’m starting to wonder why I’ve never read one before. Horror for me, is something that I watch rather than read.

I’ve never been glad for reading something new though. I rate this 4.5 stars and I’m looking forward to reading more of his works. If he can pack so much in such a short story, how much more in a longer one? 🙂

About the Book

The shed is a place full of memories. Memories of a tragic accident. For Steve, cleaning it will mean a chance to rid the horrors of the day he lost his son.
But there is something else in the shed. Something dark and evil that will make Steve question both his sanity and his grasp on reality.

About the Author

Paul Levas was born and grew up in Antioch, IL, but has lived in Phoenix, AZ, for the past twenty years. He is a writer specializing in the horror genre, and cites Stephen King and Dean Koontz as his major influences.

He has three short stories published: The Shed, Sweet Temptation, and Shadows. He is also included in the anthology titled Grave Robbers. His story in that is titled Richie’s night out at The Hills Cemetery. He is currently working on a novel titled SHADOWLANDS, and a short story collection.

He can be found here:
Twitter: PaulLevas18


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