Currently Reading: Real Life by Dolly M. Palisada and M.J. O’Shea’s Don’t Look and Midnight

Photo was taken from Kcat's Facebook account

Photo was taken from Kcat’s Facebook account

My husband and I went to Ms. Dolly Palisada’s book launch in UP Balay Kalinaw yesterday. Her book, Real Life, features the stories of various “ordinary Filipinos” who all lead extraordinary lives.

One of these people featured in the book is our friend, Kcat Yarza.

I first heard of Kcat years ago when her life story was featured on a local TV show. I very rarely watch TV because I favor reading so much more. But that night, for some reason, I did. A year later, we will be introduced by a common friend and the rest is history.

I’m already halfway through the book and just like Kcat’s, the other stories featured in the book are as inspiring.

Below is the gist of every story in the book copied from its Goodreads account:

Pagpag for Breakfast (story of Ramil Sustento) & Box of Dreams (story of Nene)

• Take a peek into everyday life in Metro Manila’s poorest communities. Do their choices justify their appalling condition?

Leaving This Home is Water Under the Bridge (story of Lilia Dalmacio)

• What kind of mother would allow her children to sleep with a literal bridge over their heads?

Journey On A Wheelchair (story of Gaspar Salem)

• Born without hands and feet, Gaspar Salem of Zamboanga City dreams big — going to college and having his own business. But with war in the

Captured image of Ms. Dolly's dedication on my book.

Captured image of Ms. Dolly’s dedication on my book.

city, his limitations, can he?

A Heart for Animals (story of Renee Tupas Leoness from South Cotabato) 

Renee Tupas Leoness is a Filipino working in Thailand takes on an unlikely cause — animals. Will she be their voice?

Story of Hope In Singapore (story of Dahlia Rivera Supnad -an OFW in Singapore who is from Bacolod) & Let’s Meet Jamie (story of Jamie del Rosario Martinez)

• A tale of two women whose personal circumstances and life’s lessons pushed them to pursue happiness for others. 

Life Must Go On (story of Kathrina Yarza)

• Kcat Yarza, who has Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors on nerve tissues, still walks in stride and looks forward to what life has to offer.

The Heart of What We Do 

• This small charity has a big heart, but why did Workshops@IbaPa Charities Inc. chose the inmates of Iwahig Penal Colony as their beneficiary for Summer Pamasko Project? 

• Kaeskwela is taking leaps and bounds to send school supplies and books to the hinterlands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for the poor school children in public elementary schools. Find out how they do it.

You can get a copy at CentralBooks or email or It is also available on iOs and Kindle Fire.


Concurrently, I am also reading two of my favorite MM writer M.J. O’Shea’s free reads:

Don't Look by M.J. O'Shea

Don’t Look by M.J. O’Shea. Book cover was taken from its Goodreads account.

Christian and Sean had been in love for as long as they can remember. They’ve been living their happily ever after when their lives were rudely interrupted.

What are you willing to do and what are you willing to let go of just to be with the one you love? 🙂

You can download this free story from her site: and you can review it here:



Midnight by M.J. O’Shea. Book cover was taken from its Goodreads account.

It only has three words of description on its Goodreads account: A ghostly romance. Hmmn, it sounds pretty exciting. Lol! You can download this for free and review it at the same time here:

Happy reading! 🙂


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