Book Review: A French FairyFail by Jessica E. Larsen

French fairyfail
About the Book:

A French FairyFail, published by Flipside Publishing, is a Tagalog romance novel.

It’s a story of how one girl found love in a way she didn’t dream of. The main character – Liberty – is a sheltered, naïve 23 year old who grew up in Manila, Philippines and went to France in the hopes of finding her own “Prince Charming” just like in her fairytale books.

And during her very first day in France, she meet Léonce, a man who seemed to have been created based on her preference. However, for every fairy tale there’s an evil stepmother – an in Liberty case – it was in the form of Alexandros “Lex” Perrault, Léonce’s best friend.


Meet the Characters:

Liberty Roxas

Liberty Roxas

Liberty Roxas

Age: 23

Profession: Fantasy writer.

Liberty is a sheltered, naïve woman who went to France hoping to find her own “Prince Charming” just like in her fairy tale books.

Léonce Dupont
Léonce Dupont
Léonce Dupont
Age: 25 Profession: Veterinarian/Private animal shelter worker.
He’s Liberty’s target of affection because he was the way she imagined a Prince should be.
Alexandros “Lex” Perrault

Alexandros "Lex" Perrault

Alexandros “Lex” Perrault
Age: 28

Profession: Vineyard manager.

Lex is Liberty’s uncle’s (her paternal aunt’s husband) nephew. He’s an ill-tempered guy especially towards Liberty whom he explicitly told he didn’t wish to have any connection with.

My Review:

A French FairyFail is a fairy tale made in France.

I enjoyed reading this book. I have a penchant for a tsundere Prince Charming like Lex and a naïve Princess like Liberty. There were some “kilig” scenes made me giggle and smile a lot like a high school girl.

It was a welcome break from the emotionally charged ones that I’ve read in succession. My rating for this is 4 stars out of five. I personally feel that the first part was so eventful, highly-charged, and full of tension that the ending became anti-climactic. Besides, I didn’t have the heart to hate Léonce. He was a good guy, after all and perhaps that had put a damper for me in some ways. I think I can safely say that the last comment was largely due to a matter of preference.

I recommend A French FairyFail for Pinoys who love reading Tagalog Romance pocketbooks.

A French FairyFail is available for sale at:


About the Author

Originally from the Philippines, Jessica has been writing since childhood but she only started sharing her work online in 2009. She was a member of an online publication group for Filipino writers and also a story blogger. She self-published one of her Filipino novels on Amazon in late December 2012.

And as of August 01, 2013, she officially signed her first contract with Flipside Publishing for her newest Filipino novel: A French FairyFail. To find out more about Jessica Larsen, visit her at:

You can also find her on Twitter @0512Yesika and Goodreads.


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